Philosophy and Teaching Style

Real …

people/ serious/ fun/ English/ materials/ adventure/ creativity/ development/ communication/ interesting/ goals/ processes/ teachers/ students/ world/ success.

There are two ways to improve your English communication:
  1. You know lots of English already. But, you are able use much less than your total knowledge in everday real English communication. Learn how to use what you already know much more effectively.
  2. Increase your total knowledge of English; expand your English ‘reservoir’.
We focus on both ways, simultaneously (at the same time), while instilling (put in head) interest and passion into both student and teacher.

We leverage a students’ knowledge and ability and challenge them slightly beyond their level of comfort to develop fluent (smoothly flowing) and articulate (well-joined) communication.

We actively learn about students’ goals and interests in order to map out a path to success using a variety of materials. We adjust our teaching techniques for students’ individual learning styles.

Classes will be engaging, personal, and productive. Progress will be measured and achievements will be recognized.

The teacher helps students achieve their goals and creates a fun, supportive, and professional learning environment. Students never fail, only their teachers do.

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